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Industrial Repeater / VHF & UHF Base Station Repeater
TP Radio BS2000

The TP Radio BS2000 Base Station repeaters are designed for VHF & UHF, two-way voice and data communication. The BS2000 comes in different frequency bands 68-88, 136-174 & 335-470 MHz and it works in continuous operation under harsh climatic conditions.

The design of the BS2000 VHF/UHF repeater is modular and the cabinets are designed to house different modules as transceivers, I/O interface, power supplies and control units making the BS2000 very versatile.

These Industrial Repeaters come in either a wallmounted robust cabinet (IP54) or in a 19” Rack version, with many remote monitoring options making them ideal for isolated sites.

The TP Radio BS2000 can be configured to fit the customer’s exact requirements in terms of Frequency band, mode of operation, simplex/duplex, signalling system, data or voice or a combination of both, supply voltage/UPS and output power.

The BS2000 can be configured as a stand alone industrial repeater or as a local or remote controlled base station,with or without repeat imaginable configuration.

BS2000 Radio Base Station / Industrial Repeater
The BS2000 Radio Base Station in Simplex/Semi–Duplex/Duplex version. The Base Station cabinet has been designed to accommodate the transceiver, the power supply and an internal cabling. Further the cabinet provides the possibility to contain a Duplexer an a small communications control/switching unit. Dimensions: h: 530 x W: 320 x d: 125 mm

BK005 Radio Base Station Repeater
Radio Base Station providing the same possibilities as the BS 2000 Radio Base Station, but designed to be installed into a 2HU 19” Rack cabinet

BK003 Radio Base Station - Mobile VHF/UHF Repeater
Radio Base Station in Simplex / Semi-Duplex / duplex version for connection to a 12v DC Supply.
Dimensions: h: 211 mm x W: 317 mm

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Industrial Repeater - VHF, UHF Base Station Repeater
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  • Voice & data Communications
  • 25 W output power
  • Continuous operation
  • Weatherproof cabinet for wall mounting
  • or 19" cabinet for rack mounting
  • Available in numerous configurations
  • Available in a configuration with main and stand-by transceiver(s) with automatic changeover
  • Rugged construction
  • Advanced technology
  • Simplex, Semi-duplex and Duplex

  • UHF, VHF Repeater, Industrial Base Station Repeater
    Simplex / Duplex Control Unit   TP8000 Handset from TP Radio
    Industrial Repeater, VHF Repeater, UHF Repeater
    - Extended Control Unitfor BS2000 Repeater
  • Remote control (max. 100 m)
  • Display, keypad and function keys
  • Display of calling party ID
  • Simplex and Duplex
  •   TP8000 Radio, Industry 2 Way Radio
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